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Article I Name 
Article II Definitions
 Article III Objectives 
Article IV Membership 
Article V Membership Fees
 Article VI Probation, Suspension and Expulsion 
Article VII Board of Directors 
Article VIII Board Duties/Quorum 
Article IX Duties of the Officers 
Article X Meetings 
Article XI Elections 
Article XII Contracts and Agreements
 Article XIII Expenses 
Article XIV Recall of Board Members 
Article XV Policy 
Article XVI General 
Article XVII Sanctioning of a TDO Tournament
Article XVIII Amendments
Article I – NAME 
The name of the organization shall be the TENNESSEE DARTING ORGANIZATION

Section 1: Whenever the initials "TDO" are used in these By-Laws, it shall mean the TENNESSEE DARTING ORGANIZATION.

 Section 2: Whenever the word "BOARD of DIRECTORS" or “BOARD” is used in these By-Laws, it shall mean the PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, TREASURER, and TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR.

Section 3: Whenever the word "MEMBER" is used in these By-Laws, it shall mean the entire body of an organization or league, or individual within a group, which has obtained membership in the TDO.

Section 4: Whenever the term "INDEPENDENT MEMBER" is used in these By-Laws, it shall mean a person who has obtained membership in the TDO as an individual only. 

Section 5: Whenever the term "HALL of FAME MEMBER" is used in these By-Laws, it shall mean an individual who by his actions has attained special achievements, contributes outstanding efforts or made significant contributions to the sport of darts or the TDO specifically

Section 6: Whenever the term "ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVE" is used in these By-Laws, it shall mean one (1) person who has been granted the authority, by the “ASSOCIATION”, to represent said “ASSOCIATION”. No one person shall represent more than one “ASSOCIATION” at any given time. 

Section 7: .  A "LEAGUE" should be defined as an organized association with set rules and a governing body enforcing said rules. It should consist of organized teams playing an established format for a predetermined length of time known as a season. Each team should consist of a roster of player or players, unchanging during the length of the specific season with the exception of roster additions or removals as defined by the rules of that league. Players should be committed to said teams and participate in league play as much as possible, recognizing players designated as alternate or substitute players may play considerably less than regular players. There should be a common goal for all teams within a league, such as competing for cash payout at end of a season or a title such as league champion, or both. A league should not consist of tournament type play such as benefit tournaments, League sponsored one day or extended 2-3 day tournaments, or blind draws.

Section 8: The TDO fiscal year is a calendar year beginning JANUARY 1 ending DECEMBER 31. 


Section 1: The objectives and purpose of the TDO are as follows: 
a) Promote the sport of darts throughout TENNESSEE
b) To operate the State Team Championship and the State Championships or promote any other TDO member event asked by an Association
c) Establish and maintain a Tennessee dart tournament calendar on the TDO website
d) Sanction open tournaments of TDO affiliated MEMBERS with one exception due to the NEW NON-SMOKING LAWS CONCERNING MINORS. 
e) Establish open relationships with leagues in our organization throughout the state of Tennessee. 
f) Establish TDO rules of play and regulations for utilization during TDO sanctioned competitions. ADO rules take the precedence over ALL TDO sanctioned tournaments. 
g) Suggest ways to improve the conditions of play in TDO sanctioned competitions.  

 Section 2: The TDO shall be a non-political, non-sectarian, not-for-profit and nonsexist organization. The objectives and purposes of the TDO shall be in accordance with and not contrary to the Internal Revenue Code and other applicable laws of the United States. 


Section 1: Membership is open to any TN organization recognized as a league or a person which (who) evidences interest in darts as a sport. Membership is limited to individuals and organizations/leagues domiciled in the state of Tennessee.
A MEMBER or INDIVIDUAL MEMBER shall be considered to be properly registered when, within current policy, the applicant's application (verbal or written) for membership has been received by the Secretary. 
a) It is the responsibility of the ASSOCIATIONS to maintain a current roster for a MEMBER Organization/League with the SECRETARY
b) The ASSOCIATIONS are also responsible of making sure that the SECRETARY of the TDO has a current and updated roster of all their members throughout the year 

Section 2: ALL MEMBERSHIPS are subject to approval by the BOARD and ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVES. 

Section 3: A MEMBERSHIP may be terminated or restricted, with cause, by a majority vote of the BOARD and ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVES.

 Section 4: Only TDO MEMBERS, continuously domiciled in TN or play in a TDO MEMBER league for 10 weeks throughout the calendar year, are eligible for TDO points and to play in the State Team Tour Event and in the Tennessee Players State Tournament. 
a) INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS in good standing are also eligible for TDO points and can play in the Tennessee Players State Tournament but cannot play in the State Team Tour Event. Only those points collected after dues are paid will count. The rules in Article V must be followed.


Section 1: Membership fees shall be established and may be revised by majority vote of the BOARD. It shall be payable annually, which are due by February 1 of each year for the corresponding year along with roster of league members for new year, i.e. February 1 2014 for the 2014 calendar year of Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2014, and so on. 

Section 2: Membership fees shall be applicable for the period of January 1st thru December 31st of any TDO calendar year. The fees are as follows:
Prior to January 1, 2019 ==> $1.00 per member with a minimum of $25.00 and a maximum of $250.00 per ASSOCIATION. To play as an INDEPENDENT MEMBER the fee is $20.00. State Team fees will be announced before the end of the December each year for this is an ongoing/changing event. 
Beginning January 1, 2019 ==> $1.00 per member with a minimum of $35.00 and a maximum of $300.00 per ASSOCIATION. To play as an INDEPENDENT MEMBER the fee is $25.00.
State Team fees will be announced before the end of the December each year for this is an ongoing/changing event. 

Section 3: There is no membership fee corresponding to the association hosting the State Tournament provided they supply two (2) hotel rooms: one (1) for the President, and one (1) for the Tournament Director. TDO is responsible for all of the other BOARD members rooms. 


Section 1: Categorically, and without restriction, the TDO reserves the right to suspend or expel (terminate) any MEMBER (regardless of category) who willfully creates disharmony, behaves in a manner prejudicial to order and discipline or tarnishes the image of the sport of darts. No player, official, sponsor, or spectator needs to tolerate harassment, belligerency, defamation, or poor sportsmanship from ANY TDO MEMBER. However, a remedy for such infractions is not the sole purview of the TDO. Where the incident occurred has significant impact on who provides subsequent disciplinary action. 
a) Non TDO and non ASSOCIATION sponsored tournaments and matches: Problems in public or private bars, lounge, taverns and other public or private playing venues are the province of the injured party, the owner(s), or bartender who may seek redress under local state laws by ejection, police intervention or arrest
b) ASSOCIATION sponsored events, league play and tournaments: Since the TDO does not legislate, dictate or control local MEMBER play; the TDO has no right to disciplinary intervention in the conduct of a MEMBER in a non TDO sponsored event
c) TDO sanctioned events: Any physical infraction or altercation at a TDO sanctioned event would definitely be cause for disciplinary action, probation, suspension, and/ or expulsion by the TDO

Section 2: PROCEDURE
a) The ASSOCIATION TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR or the TDO TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR, whichever is in charge, or the injured party shall prepare a list of charges based on verbal, and/or written documentation, or observation, and submit it to the parties involved and to the TDO for evaluation. This must be done within 10 days of the incident b) The TDO will then inform the accused party or parties of the TDO’s intent to investigate the incident and request that the accused submit his/her side of the issue. Again only fair amount of time will be allowed for response from the accused and that will be stated in the announcement  c) All information will be provided to all BOARD MEMBERS for a majority vote as for the findings of the investigation 
d) TDO Championship Points Awards may, as a result of disciplinary action, is subject to disallowance. 
e) TDO Associations not following these procedures may be subject to not having events sanctioned or expulsion from the TDO
f) Any infraction of these procedures by anyone shall make these null and void with no actions taken what so ever

Article VII - THE BOARD 


Section 2: When any BOARD vacancy occurs, it shall be filled in accordance with Section 4 of this article. This is to bring the BOARD membership up to the required total as established in Section 1 of this article. Such additions must be made no later than 90 days following the vacancy. No joint offices may be held. 

Section 3: Each BOARD member shall be elected for a period of two (2) years and shall take office no later than one (1) week from the date of the election. 

Section 4: Should a BOARD member resign or be removed from office during the interim between regular BOARD meetings, the sitting BOARD shall be empowered to appoint an interim MEMBER to fill the vacancy until the next BOARD meeting. Such appointments must be approved by the ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVES at the next regular meeting. 

Section 5: BOARD members removed, shall not be permitted to run for office or vote in the subsequent election.


Section 1: The BOARD must meet at least four (4) times each year. The BOARD shall meet as needed at the discretion of the President. The meeting dates, times, and Location will be determined by the PRESIDENT. Attendance shall be excused if notice of the meeting is not received at least 30 days prior to the meeting.

Section 2: BOARD meetings and ASSOCIATE meetings shall have no time limit. 

Section 3: A simple majority of BOARD members in attendance shall constitute a quorum for a BOARD meeting. The PRESIDENT, or in his absence, the VICE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, TREASURER, and TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR shall constitute a quorum at the BOARD meetings. 

Section 4: When a BOARD member, with sufficient cause, cannot attend a BOARD meeting, that individual may, at his or her choosing, assign their voting rights by proxy. In the absence of the PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT, the senior BOARD member will assume the chair. 


Section 1: PRESIDENT- The PRESIDENT shall oversee the functions of the Tennessee Darting Organization and provide direction for the organization between and during meetings. The PRESIDENT shall perform such ceremonial duties as appropriate from time to time. This shall include presentation of awards, trophies and other such functions. The PRESIDENT shall preside at all BOARD meetings unless excused by virtue of the "no vote proviso." The PRESIDENT, in conjunction with the TREASURER, is responsible for the awards and shirts for the Tennessee State Championship Tournament and the State Team event.  He/she may vote only to break a tie on procedural matters. He/she may, however, vote for personnel to fill vacancies or head committees. The PRESIDENT shall decide all questions of order, and appoint all committees. He/she, along with the SECRETARY, shall prepare and approve all press releases regarding the business of the TDO. His/her legitimate organizational expenses, as approved by simple majority of the BOARD, shall be paid for by the TDO. At the expiration of his/her term of office, all pertinent books, papers and records shall be turned over to his/her successor within 30 days of leaving office. 

Section 2: VICE PRESIDENT -The VICE PRESIDENT shall assist the PRESIDENT in maintaining the efficiency of the TDO. In either the absence or resignation of the PRESIDENT, He/ She shall assume the duties normally performed by the PRESIDENT. The Vice President is responsible for analyzing and presenting the demographic information derived from the membership inquiries and assisting the PRESIDENT in other such surveys as are deemed necessary by the BOARD. The VICE PRESIDENT shall act as the organization representative at meetings with other organizations in the absence or inability of the PRESIDENT to serve in that capacity. The VICE PRESIDENT shall act as the coordinator for all committee meetings and shall chair such committees as directed by the PRESIDENT. His/her legitimate organizational expenses, as approved by simple majority of the BOARD, shall be paid for by the TDO. At the expiration of his/her term office, he/she shall turn over all pertinent books, papers, and records to his successor within 30 days of leaving office.  Should both the PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT take a leave of office, the senior BOARD member shall assume the duties of PRESIDENT. 

Section 3: SECRETARY -The SECRETARY shall issue notice of meetings to the organization. They record and preserve the minutes of the meetings. Have the minutes of the business portion from the meeting available within 30 days of the meeting. Keep a permanent record of pertinent data for all organization members and make all required reports pertaining to the activities of the organization.  He/she is also responsible for keeping the minutes and distributing them at the BOARD meetings. The Secretary shall notify all ASSOCIATIONS and INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS of their acceptance into the TDO. They shall issue the results of all BOARD meetings and elections. They shall maintain records for existing contracts and perform such other duties as may, from time to time, be imposed upon him/her.  The SECRETARY will also approve or deny any sanctioning of TDO tournaments in absence of the TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR and bring any sanctioning schedule conflicts to attention of the PRESIDENT and/or BOARD for proposed resolutions. The SECRETARY, along with the PRESIDENT, shall prepare or approve all press releases regarding the business of TDO and keep said records of such. His/her legitimate organizational expenses as approved by simple majority of the BOARD shall be paid for by the TDO.  At the expiration of his/her term of office, he/she shall turn over all pertinent books, papers, and records to his/her successor within 30 days of leaving office. 

Section 4: TREASURER -The TREASURER shall be responsible for the monies of the Tennessee Darting Organization and report directly to the PRESIDENT. He/she will provide detailed quarterly financial reports to the BOARD and answer all financial inquiries concerning questions from TDO MEMBERS. Failure to submit quarterly detailed expense reports may be cause for dismissal. He/she will disburse any approved reimbursements or rebate monies to the TDO BOARD members and receive and compile income and expense reports from the same on a quarterly basis. He/she will prepare reports and submit required forms, licenses, etc, IN A TIMELY MANNER. The TREASURER will prepare a detailed financial report to be published at all meetings. The TREASURER will present the previous year's final financial report to the annual meeting at the State Championship Tournament Board Meeting.  The incumbent TREASURER will keep the elected TREASURER advised of all pertinent financial information during the period prior to exchange of responsibilities. His/her legitimate organizational expenses, as approved by simple majority of the BOARD, shall be paid for by the TDO. At the expiration of his/her term of office, he/she shall turn over all pertinent books, papers, and records to his successor within 30 days of leaving office. 

Section 5: TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR -The TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR is to organize the yearly tournament calendar, approve TDO tournament sanctioning, and to maintain the championship points or work with designated appointee maintaining championship points. He/she is to organize and run the State Team event along with the State Championship with the help of the PRESIDENT. He/she may be asked to help with whatever duties may be called upon by the BOARD.  The TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR and/or SECRETARY is to receive all results, by email and/or mail in a TDO PAYOUT FORMAT, for TDO sanctioned tournaments within ten (10) days of the final day of the tournament, or the points will not be valid. Sanctioning request must be in, to the TDO Secretary, within 30 days of the Tournament date, earlier is recommended. Other duties also include timely response to the TDO Secretary's requests for information and regular correspondence and communications with all other TDO elected BOARD, MEMBERS, and INDEPENDENT MEMBERS.  The TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR SHALL assist any way possible with MEMBER association tournaments and activities. He/she shall actively promote TDO at state and local levels in the effort to gain promotional sponsorship of all TDO activities. His/her legitimate organizational expenses as approved by simple majority of the BOARD shall be paid for by the TDO. 

Section 6: ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVES - ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVES together with the BOARD, shall exercise general supervision of the affairs of the TDO and shall control and manage its properties and effects. They shall assist in the administration of the TDO policy by enforcing penalties for infractions committed by MEMBERS and INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS. They will establish communication vehicles within their respective Association and work to expand membership. These duties also include insuring timely response to any BOARD request for information from their Associations. They are responsible for all sanctioning applications for all tournament dates. They are responsible for making sure that the TDO TREASURER and SECRETARY receives their association rosters, send updates throughout the year, fees due of all current members in their Association, which is due by February of each year.  ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVES will carry the MAIN VOTING CALL on any TDO elective process. The TDO belongs to the MEMBERS not the BOARD. ANY LACK OF PARTICIPATION OR VOTING ON MAJOR TO THE MOST MINISCULE ITEMS WILL FALL ON THE ASSOCIATIONS. If the active representative cannot make any called meeting it is up to said ASSOCIATION REPRESEVTATIVES to make sure their association have someone within their membership be available for these meetings. 

Section 7: NO VOTE PROVISO -No BOARD member may vote on protests taking place in the Region in which he resides.  No BOARD member may vote in proxy for any ASSOCIATE REPRESENTATIVE or Association.  No BOARD member may vote in elections concerning new candidates for office. 


Section 1: BOARD MEETINGS Participation in such meetings shall be obligatory for and limited to BOARD members, subject to provisions set forth in Article VIII. The PRESIDENT is required to solicit BOARD member input and to submit an agenda to all BOARD members. 

Section 2: OPEN ASSOCIATION BOARD MEETINGS and ANNUAL MEETING Participation in such meetings is obligatory for and not limited to the PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, TREASURER, TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR, and ASSOCIATE REPRESENTATIVES.  All MEMBERS and individuals may attend annual meetings. The PRESIDENT (or presiding officer) reserves the right to expel any observer at his/her sole discretion. These meetings shall be undertaken at all designated three (3) day events.  The Annual Meeting shall be at the State Championship. Its duties may include, but are not limited to, entering into new contracts and agreements on behalf of the TDO, initiating long range planning, and deciding policy issues of an organizational and financial nature. All voting on open TDO subjects shall be done at these meetings. 

Section 3: RECALL MEETINGS -- Such meetings shall be affected by mail/email and shall be subject to the provisions set forth in Article XIV.  

Section 4: Unless otherwise specified, all meetings shall be called for at the discretion of the PRESIDENT. 

Section 5: Unless otherwise specified, meeting announcements must be made at least 3 weeks in advance of the meeting date.


Section 1: Elections for TDO positions shall take place every two (2) years in April at State Event Meeting as follows: 

POSITION                                  ELECTION YEAR                  TERM 
President                                   even years                           2 years 
Treasurer                                   even years                           2 years 
Tournament Director               even years                          2 years 
Vice President                           odd years                            2 years 
Secretary                                    odd years                           2 years 

Section 2: All elections for TDO BOARD positions shall be effected by secret ballot. It shall be the responsibility of the SECRETARY to call for candidates, construct a ballot and distribute the ballot to all incumbents as appropriate. All ballots for BOARD positions must be returned to a predetermined neutral party for counting. 

Section 3: Qualifications for the office of TREASURER shall be based on prior accounting experience. Additionally the nominee(s) for BOARD positions must possess a general knowledge of the sport of darts and be nominated by a MEMBER in good standing. 

Section 4: Qualifications for the office of President should be at least one year prior service as a TDO board member or demonstrate other administrative experience such as holding an executive position such as President or Vice President of a Dart or other type pf sports league/association.

Section 5: Election voting rights: Only ASSOCIATE REPRESENTATIVES may vote in the election of any BOARD positions in accordance to ARTICLE XI, Section 7 

Section 6: Selection of TDO ASSOCIATE REPRESENTATIVES will take place at the discretion of the governing body of the Association. 

Section 7: Should more than two (2) candidates be nominated and run for any of the aforementioned offices, the following shall prevail:
 a) Any candidate receiving at least 51% of the votes cast shall be elected, or, 
b) Should the conditions under (a) not prevail, there will be a runoff election between the two (2) candidates receiving the highest number of votes cast on the first ballot

Section 8: No person authorized to vote in an election may vote more than once per ballot. 

Section 9: As a prerequisite to running for TDO positions, a person must: 
a) Possess an individual membership in the TDO and be in good standing or, 
b) Be a member in good standing with an Affiliated Association

Section 10: BOARD vacancies shall be filled temporarily by the PRESIDENT. They shall only be for a period not to exceed 90 days. An election will be called under these circumstances to fill such vacancies. They shall be affected by a meeting and shall take place during said 90 day period.  A scheduled election for a TDO office/position may be deemed unnecessary if said position was filled by a special election. In such instances, the newly elected Officer would continue to serve through the remainder of the designated term


Section 1: The BOARD shall have authority to enter into contracts and agreements in the name of the TDO. Such contracts and agreements must bear the signature of the PRESIDENT and SECRETARY in order to make such contracts and agreements binding upon the TDO. 


Section 1: Any MEMBER under the approval of the BOARD is to be reimbursed for all legitimate expenses incurred in the name of the TDO.

Section 2: All expenses are subject to approval by the BOARD. The BOARD may also effect this section by mail/email, if circumstances so warrant.

 Section 3: TDO shall provide a room at state events for remaining BOARD members not provided by the Host Association. 


Section 1: Any Board Member may be recalled from office by a simple majority vote of all MEMBERS in attendance at any called meeting. The TDO may also effect this section by mail/email, if circumstances so warrant. 
Section 2: Any BOARD member recalled has the right to appeal such recall action. Such appeals must be in writing and received by the SECRETARY no later than 30 days after the recall ruling. If, after consideration of the appeal by the BOARD in a timely manner, the appeal is rejected there can be no further appeal. 

Section 3: Recall voting shall be accomplished by secret ballot.

Section 4: Should recall take place at an open ASSOCIATION BOARD meeting it shall be immediately followed by an election. Those ASSOCIATE REPRESENTATIVES present, at such meeting, are to fill the created BOARD vacancy or vacancies. Any recall at a BOARD Meeting will be in accordance with Sections 1, 2, and 3 of this article.  Any vacancies created by a recall action will be filled by the BOARD per Article VII, Section 4. If the PRESIDENT is recalled, the office shall be assumed by the VICE PRESIDENT, after which a new VICE PRESIDENT shall be elected. After the new Vice President has been elected, the SECRETARY shall commence making the proper arrangements to fill any former Board Member position rendered vacant by the action no later than ten (10) days following the election for the VICE PRESIDENT of the TDO, per Article XI, Section 2. 

Section 5: Should the PRESIDENT be recalled and appeal his case, his duties shall be assumed by the VICE PRESIDENT from the date of petition until a final determination is made by the BOARD. In the absence of the VICE PRESIDENT, his duties shall be assumed by the senior BOARD Member. 


Section 1: Policy changes and temporary rulings, as approved by a simple majority vote of the BOARD, as well as general information, will be in the form of announcements issued by the TDO PRESIDENT or SECRETARY. These policy changes and temporary rulings will be considered to be enforced IMMEDIATELY upon receipt. 

Section 2: It is the responsibility of all BOARD members and ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVES to read any announcements issued by the TDO.

Section 3: It is the responsibility of each TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR and ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVE to relay the information contained in the aforementioned announcements to the organizational body of the MEMBER which they represent. 


Section 1: The BOARD is given full power to make, alter, amend, and repeal any and all By-Laws of the TDO at any BOARD Meeting without prior notice of their intention to so act. The BOARD may also effect this section by calling a meeting if circumstances so warrant. A simple majority vote of the BOARD is required to make, alter, amend, or repeal any By-Laws of the TDO. 

Section 2: Rules and regulations to supplement these By-Laws shall be devised for the purpose of clarity and uniformity. Any additions, deletions or changes may be made to these By-Laws according to provisions set forth in Section 1 of this Article. 

Section 3: The order of business and/or procedures of any BOARD meeting or called ASSOCIATION BOARD meeting, or any subject not covered by these By-Laws, or noted in Board minutes shall be subject to "Roberts Rules of Order Revised." However, should there be a conflict with these By-Laws and/or "Roberts Rules of Order Revised," the latter shall prevail. 

Section 4: These By-Laws shall be reviewed and or updated by the PRESIDENT (subject to a simple majority Board approval) on a Bi-annual basis. 

ARTICLE XVII - Sanctioning of a TDO Tournament 

Section 1: Tournaments requesting sanctioning MUST be sponsored by a TDO affiliated league and such league in good standing with TDO whenever possible. Non-TDO affiliated tournament sponsors, such as bar owners, will no longer be taken into consideration for TDO sanctioning of tournaments.
Section 1A ==> New requirement voted on by TDO League Representatives on 11/18/2018: Any League wishing to submit a team to the TDO Team Tour Championship must have sponsored, or co-sponsored with another TDO League, at least one TDO sanctioned tournament in the previous calendar year. This will be in effect for 2019 for the Team Tour 2020 championship.

Section 2: Associations must have the application and a copy of the flier turned in to the TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR and/or SECRETARY within 30 days prior to event date, recommend at least 10 days prior to event date. 

Section 3: TDO will not approve more than one (1) tournament scheduled on the same date unless circumstances allow such as geographical distance between venues or other extenuating circumstances, with TDO council majority approval required. For tournaments not meeting this criteria, such as two venues in same city, the first Association that submitted their flier first, will have precedence over another one, with the exception from section 6 of this Article.

Section 4: Sanctioning Fees: 
Prior to January 1, 2019 ==> Tournaments that are sponsored/conducted by TDO Affiliated member or organization $25.00 sanctioning fee turned in to the TDO TREASURER within 10 (ten) days after sanctioning approval or prior to the event date. Non-TDO affiliated sponsors/conductors $50 sanctioning fee turned in to the TDO TREASURER within 10 (ten) days after sanctioning approval or prior to the event date.
As of January 1, 2019 ==> One Day Tournaments that are sponsored/conducted by TDO Affiliated member or organization $35.00 sanctioning fee turned in to the TDO TREASURER within 10 (ten) days after sanctioning approval or prior to the event date. Non-TDO affiliated sponsors/conductors will no longer be accepted for TDO sanctioning. For tournaments lasting two or more days $50 sanctioning fee turned in to the TDO TREASURER within 10 (ten) days after sanctioning approval or prior to the event date.

Section 5: The results from any TDO sanctioned event should be turned into the TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR or designated person recording points within 10 days of the tournament and shall contain all paid out positions in an official TDO PAYOUT FORMAT such as Tournament name, event name, player(s) first and last names, league affiliation for player(s), and placement in event. 

Section 6: The following Annual Tournaments take precedence over any scheduling conflict: 
1. TDO, Team Tour State Championship (in host city), 2-3 day in March
2. TDO, State Championship (in host city), 3 day in April **
3. GCDA, Chattanooga FIRECRACKER, 3 day in June/July** 
4. GNDA, Nashville, MUSIC CITY CLASSIC 3 days in July or August 
5. SRDA, Murfreesboro, BATTLE OF STONES RIVER, 3 day in September** 
6. GCDA, Chattanooga, CHOO-CHOO CLASSIC, 3 day in November**

**TDO BOARD/ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVE MEETING at 9 AM 3rd day of event unless otherwise noted by the PRESIDENT. 

Section 7: TDO Tournament Points Awarded  - Points will be awarded in the following order in accordance to Total Payout of the events

     $7,500 AND UNDER        $7,501 AND UP

       1 ST         10                                 20 
       2 ND         8                                  16   
       TOP 4       6                                   12 
       TOP 8       4                                    8 
       TOP 16     2                                    4 
       TOP 32     1                                    2 

Beginning January 1, 2019 only Singles events will earn TDO points at any TDO sanctioned event. Only placement in a paid out spot for an event, such as Top 4 or Top 8, etc, will be the only points awarded. One point will also be awarded for each of the following: 180’s, 170 out, 9 (nine) counts, and 6 (six) bulls. 

The Championship Points yearly winners (Men and Women) awards shall be determined by the TDO council.  The central location for TDO operated events is still ongoing and shall be addressed or announced at a future date.

ARTICLE XVIII - Amendments

Amendment 1 June 24, 2018: Added the following updates:
  1. TDO definition of a League -> Article II.Section 7
  2. New fee structure for 2019 -> Article V.Section 2 and  ARTICLE XVI.Section 4

Amendment 2 November 21, 2018: Added the following updates:
  1. TDO Sanctioning changes for 2019 - ARTICLE XVII.Section 1 and Section 4
  2. TDO Points system update - ARTICLE XVII.Section 7
  3. New Team Tour Requirement - ARTICLE XVII.Section 1A