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TDO State Championship 2019:
Thank you GNDA and thank you darters for a great tournament!

Men’s Singles Cricket
Joel Stockdale

Women’s Singles Cricket
Dani Warmack

Mixed Trips 501
Chuck Goins/Lisa Ayers/Rich Nichols

Men’s Doubles Cricket
Joe Chaney/Buster Graves

Women’s Doubles Cricket
Dani Warmack/Heather Howard

Mixed Doubles Cricket
Bryan Langley
Lisa Keck

Mixed Doubles 501
Chuck Goins/Lisa Ayers

Men’s Pro Shoot
Jason Brandon

Women’s Pro Shoot
Dani Warmack

Men’s Doubles 501
JD Faulk/Arden Scroggins

Women’s Doubles 501
Dani Warmack/Heather Howard

Men’s Singles 501
Chuck Pankow

Women’s Singles 501
Lisa Ayers

Pro shoot event - Decision was made to follow these guidelines going forward for State Championship beginning in 2020:

  • Pre Registration for top 32 ranked players in men and women announced in January each year
  • Registration along with payment of $25 to be submitted by Team Tour date in March of each year
  • After Team Tour - event will be opened up to the next ranked players in line starting with ranking 33 on down the line until 32 positions can be filled for each pro shoot event.
  • Format to be long format best of 5 per round with finals being best of 7. Format for Best of 5 → 501/Cricket/ Cork Calls/501 or Cricket, whichever not played in game 3/Cork calls 501 or cricket. Cork calls games must be 501 or cricket, not 301 or any other game
  • Women will play same long format as men

2019 New TDO Fee Structure:
League Membership Fee -> $1 per member, minimum $35 maximum $300

Individual Independent Membership for TN Resident - $25

Tournament Sanctioning Fee
  $35 TDO League Sponsor for one day
  $50 TDO League Sponsor for 2+ day

Team State Fee per Team - $150

Beginning 1/1/2019, tournaments will no longer be sanctioned by TDO if not sponsored by a TDO affiliated league

TDO Sanctioning of Tournaments
1) Submit request including date, location, and type of tournament to [email protected]
2) Once approved, send copy of Flyer with TDO logo to [email protected]
3) Flyer should list payout structure of event, tournament director name and contact information such as email or phone #, TDO League sponsoring event, TDO Logo on flyer
4) Mail copy of flyer with check or money order made out to TDO for the correct sanctioning fee amount to Penny Stockholm, TDO Treasurer, prior to date of the event at 614 Lilly Lane, Murfreesboro 37128
5) Report tournament results by emailing copy of TDO Points Reporting form or using same format of form within email to [email protected] Form may be downloaded from Upcoming Events page by clicking on the Tournament Results Report button
6) Results should be reported within 10 days of completion of event
7) Beginning 1/1/2019, tournaments will no longer be sanctioned by TDO if not sponsored by a TDO affiliated league